check yourself.

i’m not very old, that’s true, but it doesn’t take many years to look around and take note of the implications of the changes that are being made to our “standard” way of living. like myself, our technology isn’t very old, and the decisions made now about the role of technology will affect us for the rest of our lives. technology is changing fast. our behavior in relation to this new technology is not. we are becoming increasingly unaware of the ramifications of the current influx of new technologies on our social interactions. many of the bounds and leaps in technological advances that are happening daily are exciting, but many of them are weakening our standard code of social conduct.

Phoebe Griffith said it best: “It would be wrong to conclude that these technologies are inherently bad. The reality is that our codes of behavior need to keep up.” her message, in my opinion, is clear: we need to become more present. In a recent post on her blog, Griffith makes the case that technology is playing a big role in defining our everyday behavior. i agree. technology is shaping human interaction, and those who are inventing these new devices ought to pay attention to the social impact of their products. it’s easy to overlook the teenager on the subway whose iPhone is plastered to his face or the tuned out 30-something who’s weaving in and out of street traffic on her bikeride to work, but it’s become too easy to ignore our responsibility to upholding a certain level of social behavior. put down the phone when you’re ordering coffee. text after your friend tells you about their day. ignore the email blast that just came in during your kid’s soccer game. technology can wait. our personal lives can’t. yes the two overlap, but the line between them has become blurred and for some people, erased entirely. parse out your reality from your cyberworld. it’s not always true that the two are one in the same. take a minute and think about how present you actually are when you look down and see group-texts are beeping away.


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