so in the past couple weeks, i’ve started making my own books by hand. of course, all of the content is original. theres really nothing better than sitting down, starting with scraps, and making something entirely on your own. start with nothing, end with who knows what, but its always going to be something more than you had before. i don’t really know what i’m doing with each book, the binding is always different, and somehow the printing never works on the first try, but hey, i’m making a book. all i know is i’m making a book and i’m excited about it. being from the bay, i’m really into the diy lifestyle. it’s great. you should try it.

as i said, here in the bay, the diy community is much loved. check out makeshift society. because i’m juggling a couple different jobs and doing all of this book-making, i haven’t been yet, but it’s at the top of my list. basically, what i think makeshift society is, what i’ve gathered from perusing the site, is a place where anyone can go and make whatever they want. i hear there’re workshops for anything. it’s pretty much a playground for adults. that’s how my mind registers that one. it’s a place to go and play, and who doesn’t love to play? so if you’re in the bay, head to hayes valley and see what’s good at makeshift.


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