there’s a storm brewing.

i feel the need to write a long post about the zimmerman trial. i also feel that the problems with the zimmerman trial are blazingly obvious and to review them would reinforce my frustration with, and absolute dumbfoundedness (new word) by, the american judicial system. to review them would mean that the perspective from which this trial was approached was valid. to review them would mean to accept these perspectives as fact. i can’t do that. fact is permanent. these perspectives cannot be permanent if america is still what it claims to be. i started to lose faith a while ago, but have been pleasantly surprised along the way. the zimmerman trial shattered that tiny glimmer of hope.

the justice system has problems. america has problems. we knew that from day 1. here we are and there’s still no justice. there hasn’t been justice for a lot of people for a long time. the idea of it comes and goes in all different shapes and sizes. the outcome is rarely any different. i can’t help but ask, will there ever be justice? will this country ever be the place is holds itself up to be?

all i know now is there’s a storm brewing in america. best beware.


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