so this week, i’m taking a social media intensive at sf state university. i was on facebook checking things out, and i saw that someone on my newsfeed had been to this place called [freespace]. another friend was freaking out. she commented with the most energetic expression of jealousy i’ve seen in a while. so i thought, what is this place. what’s it about and why is this girl so into it? i looked it up. the space was just a bart stop away from my class. so i hopped on bart during our lunch break and i was there: 1131 mission st. it’s the greatest place. no lie. [freespace] is a three-story creative space that is covered in inspiration. inspiration is oozing from the walls over there, literally. i walked in and was immediately met by a giant chalkboard calendar. these kids are doing it all. yoga, poetry slams, youth design, the yellow bike project, murals, art shows, workshops. honestly, anything even remotely creative you can think of…they’re doing it.

i was ecstatic. i had no idea what i had stumbled upon, but i knew that whatever it was, it was gold. every corner i turned, i found more breathtaking works of art. there were quotes, big paintings, collages, scribbles. all of it was there and all of it was beautiful. it sounds cliche, but believe me, it really was. i wish there was a better way to describe it, but that’s all i have. i can’t begin to give a detailed description of it without taking away some of it’s charm. each individual piece, sure, but as a whole, i’m not there yet. i have to go back. i have to see more. i have to make more there.

[freespace] is a temporary space, gifted to the community. it’s truly a gift. cherish it. we don’t know how long it’ll be here.


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