creative coding.

get rid of any kind of predetermined idea of what coding is. coding is not only for computer nerds who live in their mother’s basement at age 35 and coding is not only for gamers looking to get to the next level of world of warcraft. coding is a language that allows you a direct access to the base of technology. the rules of coding are your building blocks for digital engagement. coding is cool, man. coding is your best friend. coding is great.

imagine a world where poems are interactive. look around. you’re in it. this idea of technology has revolutionized poetry and any form of creative writing. with coding, we are in a very exciting moment in literary history. i shouldn’t have to tell you this though, it’s blazingly obvious and all around you. anything is possible with a new kind of creativity: creative coding. coding entirely changes how i, as a young writer, approach the idea of writing. creative writing is expanding and growing. now we have creative coding and who knows what will come of it, but i’m excited to find out. now, it’s time for people to keep your ears and eyes wide open. people are doing shit and getting to new places with this. listen up. look out.

there’s a new school in the works in new york. it is called the school for poetic computation (sfpc). this is a school that is focused on the point where arts and technology colide. this is a school that is looking out and breaking the possibilities of language. this is exciting.

one of the main contributors at sfpc, zach lieberman, was excited by a new project launched last year called code poems, which called for poets and coders who have been pushing the boundaries of contemporary poetry. there were 55 code poems compiled in total. amazing. i found out about the project a bit late to snag a book. regardless, it’s a fantastic idea. there’s an avenue for creative coding, and it’s growing. like zach said, they dig this and they want to explore it further. i really hope they do because i’m trying, but i’m just starting. i want to be a part of the they, but right now, i’m just running alongside; i won’t stop running. all i can do is keep thinking and doing. i can’t stop. i’m trying to break through, and coding is how i’m going to do it. coding is the language i’m learning and i’m immersing myself in this new culture until i’m fluent. i want to keep going. i have to keep going because this is where creative writing is going and i won’t be left behind.

so for now, i’m asking questions, i’m looking for answers, and i have to keep going because we, as a society, are changing and we have to keep asking as many questions as we can imagine. its time to stay alert.


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