The Contemporary Jewish Museum is the first site for StoryCorps StoryBooth in the US. the program has been running since 2003, but has yet to come through to America. the idea is that anyone can come in and tell a story they want to share. it’s a way to keep the art of oral histories alive. StoryCorps is essentially allowing people to reach out and leave their mark in the public eye in a way that may not feel so public. from what i can tell, it’s a booth where you go and sit and chat about yourself. you get to gush about all your accomplishments and have a moment where you can let everyone know that you’re doing something worth while with your life. as the cjm writes, “Aired each Friday on National Public Radio’s Morning Edition, StoryCorps’ award-winning broadcasts touch millions by illuminating our common humanity through personal experiences that reflect contemporary American culture.”

i’m only on the west coast for a couple more weeks, but i’m definitely going to make another visit to the cjm to see if i can sneak a peak at these stories in the making.


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