tumbling around on tinder.

my friend just got back from a study abroad in france. she’s been gone for most of the summer, living in the french alps and also travelling around spain. she got home a couple of weeks ago, bringing all of her crazy travel stories with her.

i’ll give you the jist: she’s a 19 yr-old running around europe for a while with a couple of friends. need i say more?

but, surprisingly enough, that’s not where the real story is…

well, when she got home she was telling me some funny stories and then she got a text. you might not think it’s too exciting, but she burst out laughing. she was really into this text and she spent a solid 3 minutes staring at her phone. maybe an exaggeration, but it didn’t make much sense for her to stop midstory to focus so intently on this new text. i asked her…

what this was all about?

after another couple of minutes of her eyes glued to the screen, she looked up and again burst into laughter. then the real story began. apparently, while she was across the pond, she had started a new game on tinder.

for those of you who don’t know tinder, it’s an online dating app. essentially what happens is you make a profile, put up a couple pictures of yourself and a brief description. think classic online dating profile. then, once you’ve made yourself as attractive as can be, you browse around looking at pictures of other people’s profiles. if you like what you see, you press some button, it’s either like a thumbs up or ‘like’ or ‘yes’ or something.

i’m still unclear on that part.

but after you browse, you wait. you see if any of the people you ‘yes’ed like you back. when they do, you get to message them, and your online fantasy can begin. a couple of my other friends are on tinder too, and quite of a few of them are getting it in. i promise you, i’m not.

but back to my friend’s new game.

so, as a promising women’s studies major, she decided to make a fake profile and see what happened. in her words,

“to add a little fun into my normal life, i created a tinder account to mess with some of the world’s creepiest and most desperate guys out there.”

she put up a couple of pictures of herself, making sure that they were as cute as crazy can be, then she decided to put up a little blurb about herself. i don’t remember it word for word, but it had something to do with lots of cats and long walks on the beaches. classic crazy. so as these guys started responding, she started messing with them. she would say hilarious things like, when some guy said ‘want to hook up?’ and her response was ‘do you have a hook for a hand too?! oh my god, i’ve been waiting for you my whole life.’ in another one, she only responds in cliches like ‘wow, you really take the bull by the horns’ or ‘you can’t have your cake and eat it too’. it’s absolutely ridiculous and so blatantly obvious that she’s straight messing with these guys, making herself look as crazy as possible.

but these guys don’t stop.

they keep going and going just hoping that in the end they’ll get to hook up with her. it’s absurd.

so she started a tumblr with all of these chats so you can see the crazy come to life.

it’s called, How far will guys go to get laid.

check it out.

it’s too good to be true.


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