guess who got hacked.

Mark Zuckerberg. Khalil Shreateh uncovered an intense bug in the Facebook security system, hacking mark’s Facebook page to prove it. thank you, Mashable. this is too good.

i’m sorry, but it’s a little funny. zuckerberg just got hacked. it’s slightly ironic. you can’t not chuckle a little bit.

so what did facebook do? well, they called him out. they said it’s a violation of the terms and conditions of the whitehat program.

but on the other hand, he tried to warn them. it’s Facebook. they’ve got to keep security up to snuff. apparently he had a tough time getting Facebook’s attention and had to go for the next best thing.

in all fairness, the next step for Facebook should’ve been to offer a reward for Shreateh’s efforts. that’s not exactly how it played out.. Facebook hasn’t offered him anything.

lucky for Shreateh, crowdfunding has got your back! a campaign was started on to give this guy what he deserves.

so far, they’ve raised $12,443.00. go team!

i’ve got to say, when i heard about this, i was kind of surprised, but not really. crowdfunding is everywhere now. it was only a matter of time before these guys joined the herd.

it’s a good thing Shreateh is being rewarded, but i just wanted to take a second and check out the new position of crowdfunding platforms.

these sites like GoFundMe and Kickstarter and IndieGoGo are the new ways to communally decide whats the next move.

when the major companies aren’t helping things along, what’s the right play? lets throw it out to the audience to see what the majority has to say. speak with your money.

that’s what’s happening. people are voting with their money. it’s democracy.

now in this situation, i’m a fan. this is a nice way to send some love back to Shreateh who was just looking out for us. but in the last few months, the general crowdfunding . it started with, if you believe in something, support it’s next move. well, that was the initial goal, to help out the people who couldn’t get the funding from elsewhere.

now, with major corporations coming onto the scene, most recently the campaign for the new Ubuntu Edge, it looks like crowdfunding is going mainstream.

not a surprise. that’s how the cycle goes. the people start an idea, it gets big, then the corporations take over. somehow a monopoly starts. then the people expand it with a new idea, that gets big, and the whole thing begins again.

but it’s interesting how fast the internet is letting this process run its course.

crowdfunding started with the best of intentions. you might be getting tired of being asked, but remember you’re being asked to give your opinion. if you’re into it, help em out. if not, offer your thoughts and let the feedback speak for itself.

i’m calling this, the survival of the creative.

for Shreateh, he kept facebook on their toes. he took a new angle. it looks like everyone is rallying behind the cause. it looks like the campaign is going to be open for a while.


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