haircuts and good thoughts.

i went to get my hair cut today. my sister had recommended someone in san rafael who she found on yelp.

her name is nancy.

nancy is an old tiny vietnamese woman who has been cutting hair for a super long time. she spent a few years cutting hair in the tenderloin so she knows how to deal with black hair. my sister has been raving about her for quite some time now.

nancy’s barbershop is on third street which is pretty close to my house. so i roll into nancy’s thinking i’m going to just get a quick shape-up and move on with my day. not at all the case.

from the moment i step inside, it’s clear this barbershop has serious style. first of all, nancy is making tea when i come in. second, the woodpanelled walls feel like we’ve shot back to some 70s parlor shop. and third, she takes one look at me and says, you’re kristina’s sister right? not only did she remember my sister, but she knew she had a sister (me).

as i slide into the worndown chair, nancy casually chats about how kristina (also known as rin) would sometimes come in just to say hi even though she didn’t need a haircut. just to check in and see how things are going. she asks if we’re twins. i say no, but we get that a lot.

i told her a little bit about myself. i told her that i’m from san rafael but am heading back to the east coast in a couple of days and that i’m a sophomore in college.

right away, i got the idea that nancy is chatty. from what i can tell, she’s happy to fill you in on the recent goingingson in her life and share a bit of what she found. today she told me about a recent trip to manchester.

she said a friend of hers invited her to stay with him for a few days just so she could see manchester. she said it was the first and last time she’d be going there. it was too gray, there were too many cargo ships and it was always rainy and cold.

she told me that if she lived there, she would shrivel up. her bones would ache and it would be terrible. plus, why leave, she asked? well, i looked outside and the bay area weather was in top form: not a cloud in the sky with just a nice breeze to loosen the sun’s heat. i couldn’t help but agree.

as she was telling me about her trip, she had finished up my hair. then she said, ok it’s pretty slow today so i’m going to give you a massage, lie back. i didn’t quite understand what she said until she slowly let the chair recline and kicked up the footrest for me. she then proceeded to wipe my face with a warm towel, taking all the stray hairs away, and gave me a 10 minute massage.

i was totally in shock. i came in just for a haircut and now i’m getting a massage.

but it got better.

when she brought the warm towel back for a second cleanse, she brought up the date. can you believe, 4 more days until the end of the month?

yeah, it’s crazy. the year has gone by so fast.

well you may think this is fast, but it gets faster.

i bet you’re right.

when you get older, time goes so fast you don’t even know it. you have to spend every moment you can doing what you love. remember to enjoy your life. when you go back to college, make sure you are enjoying your time. it goes by quick. before you know it, you’ll be old like me. hahaha

i laughed along. i’ve heard this so many times: remember to enjoy your life. but for some reason, there, in that woodpanelled barbershop, it stuck with me.

nancy has travelled and seen the world. in january, my sister told me she was just leaving for a 2 month long trip to south america. and now in august she is just getting back from manchester. in terms of living life, this woman knows her shit.

so as for right now, with summer coming to a close, i could not be more excited with what’s to come. i’m happy i met nancy today. she was the perfect reminder to really go for it. live your life. time passes faster than you think.


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