made it.

for the last year i’ve spent all my spare time planning a ridiculous trip: 5 months, 3 countries. all this started when i realized how little i know about anything outside of the US. it began with a class on afro-latin americans and blackness in the americas. it began with a nice long series of questions that can all pretty much come down to: what does it mean for me to be running around in this world as a black woman who studies computer science and Africana studies? first thought was get out of the country and give my eyes something new to deal with. get out of the world i had crafted for myself and jump into a place entirely unrelated. moral of the story was lets mix it up, lets not think about anything that has to do with academia for a nice long time. let’s take a break. so i gathered myself, told everyone i’d be back in a while. i needed space. i needed time. I needed to stop rushing myself and I needed to stop following all the steps that had been laid out for me since day 1. so i started planning. first stop is brazil for a month, then off to argentina for 2 months, finally finish it off with 2 months in chile. 

everything started July 14th. i checked out of the states, said my goodbyes to the bay, and took off to begin phase 1. i landed in salvador without a hitch in the travel plans. made it to my host family and unloaded. i then proceeded to have the most incredible month i could ask for. to preface, i was supposed to start my storytelling on July 15th, but then life happened. i’m not even a little bit sorry that i haven’t posted anything because i was a little busy doing everything i possibly could in this amazing city. so now, on the eve of phase 2, i figure it’s time to play catch-up.


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