where from?

mount tamalpais, california


where from? i’m from california. well, northern california. i’m from the bay. but recently, i’ve moved. i’m now on the east coast, rhode island to be exact. i’m in college now. sadly, i’m far away from the headlands, point reyes, and the golden gate, but none of this really has much of anything do with where i’m actually coming from.

on a quick trip to Boston this past november, i was visiting a good friend, and mentor, of mine. we were catching up, talking about the usual things: his teaching, my college classes, anything that was exciting and new in our lives, you know, catching up. so we were wandering around boston, along the river, and we eventually came to a poets house. he started talking about a recent book of his and i was reminded of my own writing. i brought it up with him and mentioned how i hadn’t been getting very far in many pieces recently. i didn’t have much to write about, and wasn’t too happy about it. he reminded me of something he had first told me in february. he said, you don’t have to be writing all the time, but you’re always watching. then, you take your stories, your ideas and you store them somewhere. be patient, and eventually they’ll be ready to be told. not those exact words, but something along those lines. this where i’m coming from. i think he’s right. and thats what i’m doing here. for now, this is where i’ll put my ideas for people to see.


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