prints on prints


i’m a makerbot

finally got a chance to try 3D printing yesterday.

lots of waiting, lots of watching, lots of plastic, but what a great time.







made a dinosaur.

photo (7)

made a motorcycle.

put em together. what do you get?

exactly what you would expect, a dinosaur riding a motorcycle.

dr. who

this title might be a bit misleading. while i do enjoy myself a good ride in dr. who’s time machine, this isn’t exactly what i’m going for. i actually just wanted to talk about this weekend and a funny website i made. so this weekend i got to go to the firehose workshop. ken and marco are super helpful and i finally got a chance to really crank out a couple of websites. i’ve been chipping away at a few, but you know, life happens.  also, ruby on rails? how did i not know! its so nice!

anyway, check out a little one that we made: its a bunch of dr. seus quotes, just hit next to see another gem.

so many more on the way!