i’m a makerbot

finally got a chance to try 3D printing yesterday.

lots of waiting, lots of watching, lots of plastic, but what a great time.







made a dinosaur.

photo (7)

made a motorcycle.

put em together. what do you get?

exactly what you would expect, a dinosaur riding a motorcycle.


dr. who

this title might be a bit misleading. while i do enjoy myself a good ride in dr. who’s time machine, this isn’t exactly what i’m going for. i actually just wanted to talk about this weekend and a funny website i made. so this weekend i got to go to the firehose workshop. ken and marco are super helpful and i finally got a chance to really crank out a couple of websites. i’ve been chipping away at a few, but you know, life happens.  also, ruby on rails? how did i not know! its so nice!

anyway, check out a little one that we made: scrak2014.herokuapp.com. its a bunch of dr. seus quotes, just hit next to see another gem.

so many more on the way!

the grass isn’t always greener.

there has never been a stop to the push toward ‘success.’ i keep hearing that word like it’s now a part of some kind of jargon.

everyone hears it but nobody knows what it really means.

nobody has ever fully described it to me, in detail, with pictures to go along.

truth is, i know only a few people who can confidently and definitively describe what success would look like for them. as of right now, i’m not so sure i’m one of those people. i envy those that know what success looks like, and those who have a nice view of it, but when it comes to how to make it, that’s when the questions begin.

how do you know when you’re finally successful? how do you know when to stop and look around? people around me keep going and going. all i’m trying to do is get a sense of when people decide to take stock of where they are and what they’ve come to.

that’s what i need to understand because from the looks of it, success is, ironically, an after thought. it is a before and after kind of thing. too many times have i hear either the problem of seeking or losing success, whatever it means for whomever wants it or lost it. there is all too often the story told that ends with, ‘…those were the best years of my life, and at the time, i didn’t even know it.’

from the stories i hear, success is one of those “either you have it or you don’t” moments that i’m just looking to avoid. not about that life. all in all, i don’t think it a single word can ever describe something i’m striving for. i need to put it into a full thought, make it an adventure.

when you’re working so hard for something that is so abstract as ‘success,’ it’s too easy to forget what the present is and keep that eye on the future prize.


in my mind, ‘success’ is a stressful idea. sarah kay, one of my favorite slam poets and a brown alum, writes in a Huffington Post article, that we have to be ‘Redefining Success.’ it is not something that is merely an impressive goal. she writes about how she checks with herself every now and again to see if she’s really happy in what she is doing. that is where i will begin: check-ins.

this is one of those check-ins. at this point, in all honesty, i have to keep reminding myself that what i’m looking for can never be prescribed. i’m at school, i’m building my tool-box. i’m pulling together my bag of tricks. i don’t want to have a set trajectory yet. there is no formula. right now, i have to simply do what needs to be done. i need to find what will bring that feeling of accomplishment and joy and understand what will bring more love and caring to the world. there is always a feeling of urgency, like there’s always something more to be done and with each something is another moment of accomplishment, of joy. and that’s where the excitement comes in because if i put ‘success’ into a full thought, it will grow to explore the chaos of our world and try to understand it. that’s what i want to do. i don’t want to define success or put it into a box. that only holds me in, and tries to contain my options.

i’m going exploring. i’ve got my exploring shoes on. we’re going on an adventure.

haircuts and good thoughts.

i went to get my hair cut today. my sister had recommended someone in san rafael who she found on yelp.

her name is nancy.

nancy is an old tiny vietnamese woman who has been cutting hair for a super long time. she spent a few years cutting hair in the tenderloin so she knows how to deal with black hair. my sister has been raving about her for quite some time now.

nancy’s barbershop is on third street which is pretty close to my house. so i roll into nancy’s thinking i’m going to just get a quick shape-up and move on with my day. not at all the case.

from the moment i step inside, it’s clear this barbershop has serious style. first of all, nancy is making tea when i come in. second, the woodpanelled walls feel like we’ve shot back to some 70s parlor shop. and third, she takes one look at me and says, you’re kristina’s sister right? not only did she remember my sister, but she knew she had a sister (me).

as i slide into the worndown chair, nancy casually chats about how kristina (also known as rin) would sometimes come in just to say hi even though she didn’t need a haircut. just to check in and see how things are going. she asks if we’re twins. i say no, but we get that a lot.

i told her a little bit about myself. i told her that i’m from san rafael but am heading back to the east coast in a couple of days and that i’m a sophomore in college.

right away, i got the idea that nancy is chatty. from what i can tell, she’s happy to fill you in on the recent goingingson in her life and share a bit of what she found. today she told me about a recent trip to manchester.

she said a friend of hers invited her to stay with him for a few days just so she could see manchester. she said it was the first and last time she’d be going there. it was too gray, there were too many cargo ships and it was always rainy and cold.

she told me that if she lived there, she would shrivel up. her bones would ache and it would be terrible. plus, why leave, she asked? well, i looked outside and the bay area weather was in top form: not a cloud in the sky with just a nice breeze to loosen the sun’s heat. i couldn’t help but agree.

as she was telling me about her trip, she had finished up my hair. then she said, ok it’s pretty slow today so i’m going to give you a massage, lie back. i didn’t quite understand what she said until she slowly let the chair recline and kicked up the footrest for me. she then proceeded to wipe my face with a warm towel, taking all the stray hairs away, and gave me a 10 minute massage.

i was totally in shock. i came in just for a haircut and now i’m getting a massage.

but it got better.

when she brought the warm towel back for a second cleanse, she brought up the date. can you believe, 4 more days until the end of the month?

yeah, it’s crazy. the year has gone by so fast.

well you may think this is fast, but it gets faster.

i bet you’re right.

when you get older, time goes so fast you don’t even know it. you have to spend every moment you can doing what you love. remember to enjoy your life. when you go back to college, make sure you are enjoying your time. it goes by quick. before you know it, you’ll be old like me. hahaha

i laughed along. i’ve heard this so many times: remember to enjoy your life. but for some reason, there, in that woodpanelled barbershop, it stuck with me.

nancy has travelled and seen the world. in january, my sister told me she was just leaving for a 2 month long trip to south america. and now in august she is just getting back from manchester. in terms of living life, this woman knows her shit.

so as for right now, with summer coming to a close, i could not be more excited with what’s to come. i’m happy i met nancy today. she was the perfect reminder to really go for it. live your life. time passes faster than you think.

guess who got hacked.

Mark Zuckerberg. Khalil Shreateh uncovered an intense bug in the Facebook security system, hacking mark’s Facebook page to prove it. thank you, Mashable. this is too good.

i’m sorry, but it’s a little funny. zuckerberg just got hacked. it’s slightly ironic. you can’t not chuckle a little bit.

so what did facebook do? well, they called him out. they said it’s a violation of the terms and conditions of the whitehat program.

but on the other hand, he tried to warn them. it’s Facebook. they’ve got to keep security up to snuff. apparently he had a tough time getting Facebook’s attention and had to go for the next best thing.

in all fairness, the next step for Facebook should’ve been to offer a reward for Shreateh’s efforts. that’s not exactly how it played out.. Facebook hasn’t offered him anything.

lucky for Shreateh, crowdfunding has got your back! a campaign was started on GoFundMe.com to give this guy what he deserves.

so far, they’ve raised $12,443.00. go team!

i’ve got to say, when i heard about this, i was kind of surprised, but not really. crowdfunding is everywhere now. it was only a matter of time before these guys joined the herd.

it’s a good thing Shreateh is being rewarded, but i just wanted to take a second and check out the new position of crowdfunding platforms.

these sites like GoFundMe and Kickstarter and IndieGoGo are the new ways to communally decide whats the next move.

when the major companies aren’t helping things along, what’s the right play? lets throw it out to the audience to see what the majority has to say. speak with your money.

that’s what’s happening. people are voting with their money. it’s democracy.

now in this situation, i’m a fan. this is a nice way to send some love back to Shreateh who was just looking out for us. but in the last few months, the general crowdfunding . it started with, if you believe in something, support it’s next move. well, that was the initial goal, to help out the people who couldn’t get the funding from elsewhere.

now, with major corporations coming onto the scene, most recently the campaign for the new Ubuntu Edge, it looks like crowdfunding is going mainstream.

not a surprise. that’s how the cycle goes. the people start an idea, it gets big, then the corporations take over. somehow a monopoly starts. then the people expand it with a new idea, that gets big, and the whole thing begins again.

but it’s interesting how fast the internet is letting this process run its course.

crowdfunding started with the best of intentions. you might be getting tired of being asked, but remember you’re being asked to give your opinion. if you’re into it, help em out. if not, offer your thoughts and let the feedback speak for itself.

i’m calling this, the survival of the creative.

for Shreateh, he kept facebook on their toes. he took a new angle. it looks like everyone is rallying behind the cause. it looks like the campaign is going to be open for a while.

one third down, two more to go.

Mark Zuckerberg and a bunch of partners just let out a press release for their newest endeavor: internet.org. founding members and CEOs of Facebook, Opera, and Nokia, just to name a few, are building this new site in hopes of bringing the internet to the rest of the world that isn’t connected by this highspeed thing we all can’t seem to live without.

the goal is to let the internet spread it’s wings and soar to the two thirds of the world that isn’t online.

right now, VentureBeat and The New York Times, are my main sources of information. but i’m sure by the middle of the day, after they officially announce the site, there will be plenty more with things to add to the conversation.

the main idea is to cut the cost of internet access so it is available to the two thirds of the world that doesn’t have it.

lets put it this way, as the press release reads, just one company, MediaTek, is aiming for 300 million smart devices within 2 years.

that’s just one company!

they’re saying that the best avenue is to simplify phone applications ‘so they run more efficiently and …improv[e] the components of phones and networks so that they transmit more data while using less battery power.’ my question is, couldn’t they have figured out how to use less battery power sooner? regardless, of course, they are hoping to provide simple services like email and social networking sites (hint hint…Facebook).

in a sentence, Facebook is looking for a new audience. of course the others are along for the ride and making bank along the way, but it seems to me that this whole initiative is pretty pointed.

in all honesty, i don’t really remember a time when computers and the internet weren’t the talk of the town. i was really young when apple’s first computers came onto the scene, so technology is kind of my native language at this point. and truth be told, the internet has brought on quite a few great achievements. as it grows, it has enhanced communication and continues to surprise us all with the new possibilities.

United Nations Human Rights Council report is right when it says…

‘The internet boosts economic, social, and political development, and contributes to the progress of humankind as a whole.’

it’s a bold statement, but in the grand scheme of these, it’s very true. imagine Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns without Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. impossible. social media and the internet, for those who have access, has changed how we communicate and interact with one another.

it’s a fact.

so now that internet.org is about to launch, we’re all just looking over to developing countries and waiting to see what happens next. The New York Times says Asia, Latin America, and Africa offer the most promising market opportunities for tech companies. everyone is just trying to figure out how to get those people online in order to make this business venture worthwhile.

so, here’s to the kids of those nations that still believe in face to face interactions. best of luck to you.